"A.L. Rhodes provides integrated financial planning services based on your lifestyle goals."

We help guide you on your journey to financial independence.

About Us

A.L Rhodes personal financial advisors provide integrated financial planning services based on each client’s lifestyle goals. Our assessment includes a review of cash flow, tax planning, retirement, investment and estate planning. We cannot do a good job of counseling clients in one area if we do not know how that advice may impact other parts of a client’s financial dynamic. We specialize in services for pre- and post-retirement age clients. As fee-only planners, we believe that compensation should be based on advice given, not on products sold. We do not accept commissions or referral fees.

Our Services

•  Integrated financial planning
•  Investment management services
•  Cash flow review
•  Tax planning
•  Retirement
•  Insurance needs analysis
•  Estate plan review




How To Begin

Let us help you on your journey toward financial independence.  Today’s financial environment may be intimidating for those who would like to know if their retirement preparedness is on track.  An experienced “fiduciary” financial advisor can help.  Fiduciary advisors put their clients interests first.  If you are interested in pursuing a relationship with us, please contact us or call us at (425) 610-9762. We offer no-charge informational appointments to those who appear to be a match for our services. Relationships are a vital part of our business—prospective clients have the opportunity to meet face to face with Alice Rhodes to discuss the particulars of their situation and to ask questions about services. Click here for more information.